Days of Speed: Vinyl Reissue


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Release date: 15 October, 2021

Days Of Speed is an acoustic, double live album featuring songs from across Paul’s career including The Jam classics; That’s Entertainment and Town Called Malice, The Style Council’s Headstart For Happiness and Down In The Seine and solo hits, You Do Something To Me and Wild Wood.

Side A

1. Brand New Start     
2. The Loved     
3. Out Of The Sinking     
4. Clues     

Side B
1. English Rose     
2. Above The Clouds     
3. You Do Something To Me     
4. Amongst Butterflies     
5. Science     

Side C
1. Back In The Fire     
2. Down In The Seine     
3. That’s Entertainment     
4. Love-Less     

Side D
1. There’s No Drinking After You’re Dead     
2. Everything Has A Price To Pay     
3. Wild Wood     
4. Headstart For Happiness     
5. Town Called Malice

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